Are arguments with your ex hurting your child?

Lawyers, mediation, courts. If those words make you shudder, you’re not alone. Most co-parents aim to avoid those means of managing parental arrangements, with 68% opting to simply discuss with their ex-partner.

But it’s not that easy, is it? Discussions with an ex-partner can go one of 101 ways. There’s emotion involved, different parenting styles, different values; you split for a reason, right?

Then there’s the cost of living apart financially, so adding in the cost of a lawyer is something you’d avoid as co-parents if you can. However, there comes a point where you’re stuck in a toxic situation and something needs to be done because, after all, it’s now impacting the kids.

Meet Michael and Sarah, who have recently separated and are trying to co-parent their daughter Emily.

Simple Co-parenting

With busy work schedules and alternating custody, coordination has become a major source of stress and disagreement. Both of them felt frustrated and angry with each other due to constant miscommunications or missed deadlines. This was causing a lot of conflict and affecting their daughter Emily’s mental health.

Michael learned about the CoOperate app from a friend. He convinced Sarah to give it a try and they were amazed at how much easier it made co-parenting.

Now Michael and Sarah use CoOperate to sync Emily’s schedules in the shared calendar so there’s no confusion about transitions. The expense tracker helps them split costs fairly for Emily’s activities and healthcare. GPS attendance logging gives them both peace of mind about drop-offs and pick-ups.

Best of all, Michael and Sarah find they argue much less. The streamlined communication inside CoOperate has cut out the misunderstandings that used to happen over text. And the secure document storage helps them keep track of all Emily’s important records. With the CoOperate app, Michael and Sarah have found co-parenting to be much smoother. They wish they had discovered it sooner!

Don’t wait for peace, start using CoOperate today and watch the transformation unfold in your life; and most importantly in the lives of your kids.

Reducing conflict for co-parents

Navigate Co-Parenting Successfully with our Flagship Program 'Turning Point'

‘Turning Point’ is a 6-week transformative online course that distills the expertise of Australian psychological and mediation professionals, who have helped thousands of separated families in situations like yours, move forward.

It delves beyond mere communication techniques, emphasizing the critical role of emotional well-being and conflict resolution in shaping your children’s future. This course equips you with not only the ‘how’ but the ‘why’—underpinning strategies with research to foster informed, compassionate parenting.

Amidst the journey from separation towards healing, ‘Turning Point’ stands as your guide to self-care and steering a path forward for your family.

Who will benefit from those participating in 'Turning Point'?

  • Divorced or seperated parents

  • Struggling Co-parents

  • Busy single parents

  • FIFO & shift workers

  • Co-parents in high conflict

  • Co-parents who want to educate themselves to get the best outcome for their kids

  • Co-parents who want their children to thrive

  • People who like simple practical solutions