No Escape From Her Control

Everyone talks about how single mums have it hard, but no one ever talks about how much co-parenting destroys the blokes. I’m James, and I want to share my story, in the hopes it helps other men with their co-parenting journey after separation.

For so long I’ve felt like a prisoner in my own life, even after divorcing my wife Emma two years ago. Our marriage had been a constant battle with her narcissistic tendencies and desperate need to control every situation, and it just got worse when we separated and began to co-parent.

I instantly became the ‘bad guy’, everything was my fault, and I was blamed for things out of my control every single day. Emma would routinely disregard agreed custody schedules, springing last-minute changes on me with zero consideration for my commitments. She’d make decisions about rules, punishments, and activities for the kids without any input from me whatsoever. Yes, I tried to discuss it rationally, but Emma would launch into brutal put-downs, telling me all my faults as a father.

Simple Co-parenting

The financial games drove me mad. Emma obsessed over every cent I spent, questioning and criticising how I used money for the children’s needs and development. She’d even threaten to take me to court over insignificant expenses, this just felt like another way to maintain control over my choices.

I’ll admit there were times my communication could have been better, I was so worn down. Emma would bombard me with lengthy, angry rants about my apparent parental failings. No matter how calmly I tried to respond, she twisted his words into an argument, ensuring he was always painted as the one in the wrong. 

Honestly, I felt completely powerless and disempowered, and also kind of embarrassed and ashamed that this was happening to me. Emma’s behaviour and refusal to reasonably cooperate left me feeling trapped and it was significantly impacting my mental health. 

I want to be a stable, present father for my kids, but my emotional wellbeing was making this difficult. I knew we couldn’t continue this way!

That’s when a friend told me about the app Co-Operate. It’s a new app that combines technology to make co-parenting easy. To be fair, I scoffed at this statement when my friend told me, I was so worn down I thought there was no way co-parenting could be easy. 

Since using the app, everything has changed. Emma was on board from day 1 because she thought she could use it to ‘trap’ me in my ‘bad’ behaviour, but instead, it’s just streamlined all our communication so there’s no need for the excess belittling. She takes credit for how harmonious we are now, but I couldn’t care less about that, the kids are happy and I’m no longer bearing the brunt of her narcissism. 

I’m not sure where we would be right now without the app, I don’t want to think about it. All I know is I am so grateful my friend recommended it because it has changed our lives.

CoOperate is available on the App Store and Google Play NOW – don’t wait another day to bring simplified co-parenting and peace-of-mind into your family’s life.

Reducing conflict for co-parents

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