Pack comfort objects for when kids go to their other parents.

Don’t forget Flopsy!!

Make sure you pack comfort objects when kids go to their other parents.

Comfort objects make kids feel good, and help them to manage new experiences.

  • Help kids relax and go to sleep
  • Are companions that kids can talk to, sleep alongside and share experiences
  • Provide reassurance when kids are separated from their parents
  • Provide comfort when kids are frightened or upset
  • Help children feel secure in unfamiliar environments by providing a link between the new situation and home.

Many kids have comfort objects. Studies have shown that up to 70% of young children develop strong attachments to objects such as toys or blankets.

According to the American Academy of pediatrics “ security objects… are part of the emotional support system that every child needs in [their} early years.”

Paeditrivian and psychoanalyst Donald Winnacott says that comfort objects are a reminder of love and security.

Australia’s children’s health expert Professor Frank Oberklaid explains that a child’s love for their comfort object is a side effect of their wider developmental needs. In other words, transition objects provide the predictability that children require as they separate from their parents and gain independence.

So make sure you pack Flopsy or Blankie

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