Can’t imagine co-parenting being simple? We’ve got news for you!


If you feel like even though your divorce is final, the parenting battles never end, you need to meet Sarah and Marcus.

After too many heated arguments over whose weekend it was with the kids, how much money they were spending on after-school activities, and who was right or wrong about anything and everything; they were both fed up.

They divorced three years ago, but they still couldn’t seem to agree on anything when it came to raising their three children. Rules, schedules, expenses, discipline – every decision was a struggle. The inconsistencies between their two households just kept growing.

And the miscommunication was constant. Even routine things like school drop-offs and pickups became landmines with one missed call or text. Sarah felt like she was failing as a parent, unable to create a stable, secure environment for her kids.

Simple Co-parenting

The worst was when the kids would get caught in the middle of yet another blowout argument between Sarah and Mark.

She could see the guilt, stress, and divided loyalties weighing on them. Her heart broke knowing they were collateral damage in the divorce fallout.

When Mark started dating again, it only compounded the chaos. His new girlfriend began weighing in with opinions and criticisms about how the kids should be raised. The boundaries between households became even more blurred.

One night, after putting the kids to bed following a particularly draining exchange of hostilities with Mark, Sarah broke down in tears. There had to be a better way to co-parent than this endless cycle of conflict, confusion, and emotional wounds. 

They knew for the sake of their kids’ well-being they had to find a way to rise above it all and create peace and stability again, but that seemed completely impossible.

Sound familiar?

This is an all-too-common scenario amongst co-parents, which is why Sarah and Marcus decided to try a revolutionary co-parenting app, CoOperate. No more missed schedules, blown-up inboxes, or heated disagreements. Just a simple, streamlined coordination of their parenting approaches across households.

For less than their weekly coffee catch-up with a friend, Sarah and Marcus have the structure and help they need for a more peaceful and simple co-parenting approach – and the kids love it too! Their eldest daughter, Ivy, was the one to help Marcus in the beginning by reminding him to use the shared calendar for her after-school netball training. 

You too can ditch the feeling of being trapped in a co-parenting chaos cycle, and slide into an easy flow of communication and coordination with this app!

CoOperate is available on the App Store and Google Play NOW – don’t wait another day to bring simple co-parenting and peace into your family’s life.

Reducing conflict for co-parents

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‘Turning Point’ is a 6-week transformative online course that distills the expertise of Australian psychological and mediation professionals, who have helped thousands of separated families in situations like yours, move forward.

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Amidst the journey from separation towards healing, ‘Turning Point’ stands as your guide to self-care and steering a path forward for your family.

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  • Divorced or seperated parents

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  • Co-parents in high conflict

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  • Co-parents who want their children to thrive

  • People who like simple practical solutions